Rolling Thunder - May 30, 2004

I rode with my neighbors, Anne and Andy.  We met up with at least 1,000 riders at Rockville Harley-Davidson in Gaithersburg.  Law enforcement gave us the roads to ourselves all the way to the District and we met up with an estimated 400,000 riders at a Pentagon parking lot .  At noon, the first riders departed for the ride through D.C. and it was 2:30 by the time we pulled out.  It was a thrilling day.

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Parked at Rockville Harley-Davidson prior to riding to Pentagon.
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On route to Pentagon
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Fred & Andy

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Near Pentagon

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Anne & Andy
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Traffic control at Pentagon
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Goldwing and Helix at Pentagon
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Fred & Anne
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Anne & Andy
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Anne & Andy
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Chihuahua in goggles
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Check out Cooter's ride

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Reflections in Andy's bike

"The Run To The Wall"
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