Lora Family News

Adri, 21
Adri got on the Montgomery College deans list for last semester.  They sent her a special letter of congratulations and they invited her to join the Phi Theta Kappa Honorary and worked very very hard last semester and we want to congratulate her too!
She will be graduating with her Associate Degree this year and transferring to Maryland University
She got a new (used ) car recently .  It is a black 1997 Saab Click here to see the pictures. She is still dating Tony.

Danny,19  -
Is doing great at Hood College. He is home now on Spring break until March 15.  His favorite class is Environmental Science.  He is majoring in mechanical engineering and will do his last 2 years at Hoods partner school George Washington University right here in town. That will be in 2006.
He works constantly on his

Patty, 12 - Patty  swam on March 6 in  the preliminaries of the  local Junior Olympics. She improved her 50 Backstroke time to 33.66! and came in 37th. The Junior Olympics consists of swimmers from the Potomac Valley Area and include York, PA!! and some New Jersey teams too!. It was a great celebration.  At the beginning of the meet they had a DJ and 300 kids lined up around the pool stood on the blocks dancing. It was wild!  It was a great competition too and we congratulate Patty on her achievement!  Now we wait for summer swimming!

Luis - He will be going to Colombia soon.  His shoulder is healing (from the surgery)and he has been feeling better, just not ready to play raquetball yet.

Marga - Got a great new haircut and has natural color hair. Click here to see picture. Still not used to the evil changes at work but just grinning and baring (sic) it!

Vacation: We went to Miami and Orlando with Patty on December 26.  It was warm and wonderful.  We saw Disneyworld and Luis' cousin Dario. Click here to see the pictures.